Grain Cleaning

  • Grading of grain based on size, length, and specific gravity.  Triple cleaning process ensures that there are very few foreign seeds that cannot be removed.

Certified Seed

  • Registered shed capable of processing certified seed to international standards (ISTA).

Seed Dressings

  • Fully automated seed coating facility capable of packing 750 tonne per week.  Coorow Seeds is capable of delivering grain in bulk, bulkbags and small bags.


  • Scarifying machine which is capable of enhancing the germination of hard seeded species.


  • De-hulling machine which removes hulls from the grain.


  • Hammer mill capable of milling to customer specifications.


  • Registered Export Establishment unter a compliance agreement with AQIS and capable of filling shipping containers with bulk grain and high value bagged seed.

Storage and Distribution

  • Storage facilities for bulk or bag to meet customer needs
  • Ideally located for distribution in the Northern Agricultural Region of WA

Seed and Grain

  • Wholesale accounts with seed and grain brokers provides access to crop and pasture species
  • Grower network provides access to large volumes of free to trade varieties
  • Links to wholesalers and retailers with national distribution and marketing networks.
  • Value added grain product for feed merchants and farmers
  • Members of Australian Seed Federation assures that operations are inline with current legistaltaive and indeustry requirements.

Grain Marketing

  • member of Grain Trade Australia (GTA)
  • buy and sell all grains for domestic and international markets in container size either bulk or bagged product