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  • WA's highest yielding noodle
  • ANW classification
  • mid season maturity
  • robust disease package, with good yellow spot and stripe rust resistance
  • Calingiri and Wyalkatchem derivative
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  • mace replacement with higher yields
  • AH quality classification
  • early-mid season maturity
  • improved leaf rust resistance
  • good yellow spot resistance
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  • high yielding 2 gene IMI tolerant Wyalkatchem type APW
  • mid season maturity 
  • robust disease package with excellent yellow spot resistance
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  • udon noodle variety
  • similar traits to Calingiri - mid- long season
  • yields similar to Mace
  • good yellow spot
  • good grain size
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  • high yielding udon noodle variety
  • best performance in medium to high rainfall areas 
  • mid to short season 
  • robust rust resistance package
  • useful yellow spot resistance
  • short plant height promoting an increased harvest index
  • arrino alternative with ANW classification
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  • bred for Intervix tolerance
  • mid seaon maturity
  • good test weight
  • excellent stem and stripe rust resistance, susceptible to yellow spot
  • tolerant to boron and acid soils
  • APW in WA

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Cobra AH

  • high yielding mid to long season variety
  • excellent Yellow Spot resisitance
  • sound rust package - stem MR - leaf MR-MS - stripe MS
  • medium length coleoptiles with good seedling vigour
  • well suited to acid soils

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Corack APW

  • high and stable grain yield in low-med rainfall areas
  • wheat on wheat option with CCN and yellow spot resistance
  • derived from Wyalkatchem
  • early to mid season
  • good leaf and stem rust resistance

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Emu Rock AH

  • excellent yield in Agzone 2 and 4
  • most robust early maturing option for mid to late sowing options
  • good yellow spot resistance
  • very large grain size
  • durable stripe rust resistance

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Mace AH

  • very high grain yield across Western Australia
  • excellent rust resistance
  • tolerant to boron toxicity
  • released as Wyalkatchem replacement with improved end use quality (AH)
  • improved plant height
  • improved black point tolerance

Magenta APW

  • mid-long maturity APW wheat
  • very high yield similar to Wyalkatchem across all agzones
  • full rust resistance to stem and leaf rusts in WA
  • long coleoptil length (70-89mm)
  • good physical grain characteristics with average milling quality and good dough properties
  • Wyalkatchem Wheat
  • acid soil tolerant
  • mid seasin maturing variety
  • good flour yield, dough properties and flour colour
  • high protein
  • similar or better yields than Westonia
  • $3.30/t EPR


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Commander Barley

  • malt variety for domestic use
  • mid season flowering and maturity
  • highest yielding malting barley in SA, Vic, NSW and Sth QLD
  • low screenings and high retention
  • MR to powdery mildew
  • CCN resistant

Bass Malt

  • similar malt to Baudin
  • excellent grain plumpness
  • good test weight
  • high level of tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting
  • highest level of tolerance to blackpoint
  • best suited to med to high rainfall
  • good straw strength, lodging resistance and head retention
  • improved powdery mildew tolerance compared to Baudin

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Buloke Barley

  • early-mid season variety
  • high grain yields in all rainfall areas
  • medium spring maturity, earlier flowering than Baudin
  • moderately resistant to most leaf disease
  • average straw strength, moderately tall in height

Baudin Barley

  • medium spring maturity
  • premium malt quality
  • Baudin is highly sought after by the Japanese and will be delivered into a premium market

Hamelin Barley

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Brusher Oats

  • tall, good leaf colour
  • mid maturing hay oat suited to low rainfall
  • resistant to nematode build up, moderately intolerant of CCN activity
  • resistant to leaf rust
  • improved hay yield, quality and digestibility
  • good early vigour

Yallara Oats

  • dual purpose medium -tall premium oat for grain and domestice hay
  • early - mid maturity
  • suited to low-medium/high rainfall zones
  • resistant to stem and leaf rust
  • good early vigour - grazing potential
  • bright grain and high digestibility
  • resistant to CCN
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Pallinup Oats

  • tall
  • mid season variety for all rainfall zones
  • thin stem ideal for hay
  • good feed grain quality
  • tolerates brown leaf tipping from hot dry winds
  • susceptible to stem and leaf rust

Carrolup Oats

  • accepted as an export hay variety in WA
  • most widely sown variety in WA
  • tall with lower yields than the dwarf varieties
  • premium milling variety

Mitika Oats

  • high yielding dwarf milling oat with good straw strength
  • resistant to leaf rust but susceptible to septoria and stem rust
  • low ligin for good feed alternative


  • hay variety for export only

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