Margurita Serradella

  • hard seeded pink serradella
  • cadiz replacement
  • adapted to wide range of soil types
  • suit rainfall area 350-800mm
  • early flowering-slightly later than Erica

Erica Serradella

  • 70% hard seeded pink serradella
  • short lived summer dormant perennial
  • exceptional quality pasture, silage and hay
  • returns in pasture phase after crop
  • growth more prostate
  • targeted mainly at low to medium rainfall areas

Cadiz Serradella

  • medium maturity variety
  • developed for low fertility, acid soils
  • soft seeded
  • good dry matter yields during spring
  • good tolerance to metribuzin
  • targeted mainly at low to medium rainfall areas

Charano Serradella

  • excellent seed producer
  • delayed germination allows for early chemical manipulation
  • high levels of hard seed - ideal for 1:1 cereal crop rotation
  • growth becomes prostate after grazing
  • avaiable in enhanced pod form

Eliza Serradella

  • launched at MIG Field Day Sept 2010
  • available for 2012