Margurita Serradella

  • hard seeded pink serradella
  • cadiz replacement
  • adapted to wide range of soil types
  • suit rainfall area 350-800mm
  • early flowering-slightly later than Erica

Charano Serradella

  • excellent seed producer
  • delayed germination allows for early chemical manipulation
  • high levels of hard seed - ideal for 1:1 cereal crop rotation
  • growth becomes prostate after grazing
  • avaiable in enhanced pod form

Eliza Serradella

  • soft seeded
  • recommended seeding rate of pod 10-20kg/ha
  • recommended to inoculate withe group S inoculant

Casbah Biserrula

  • early maturing
  • adapted to wide range of soil types
  • high harded seeded levels
  • excellent prersistence
  • tolerant to RLEM

Hykon Rose Clover

  • mid late maturity
  • 4-6 hard seeded
  • Group C inoculant
  • suited to large range of soil types - low fertility and too acid for medics
  • vigorous spring growth

Prima Gland Clover

  • mid season maturity
  • highly resistant to RLEM
  • Group C inoculant
  • tolerant to false breaks
  • suited to wide range of soil types but not light sandy soils
  • good frost tolerance

Dalkeith Clover

  • early to mid maturity
  • hardseeded and good seed production
  • high level persistence

Izmir Clover

  • very early maturity
  • very hardseeded
  • Nungarin replacement

Caliph Medic - barrel medic

  • early/mid maturity
  • suited to loams and clays
  • hard seeded
  • inoculant AM
  • prefers neutral to alkaline soils

Cavalier Medic - Spineless burr medic

  • mid maturity
  • hardseeded
  • well adapted to heavy textured soils
  • can tolerate slightly lower pH
  • more productive and persistant inlow rainfall areas than sub clover
  • group AM inoculant
  • Santiago replacement