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Coromup Lupins

  • 2.4% higher protein
  • similar yield to Tanjil
  • Metribuzin tolerant
  • good early vigour and harvest height
  • large seed size
  • early maturing
  • aphid resistant
  • resistant to CMV transmission

Mandelup Lupins

  • very tall, vigourous narrow-leafed lupin variety
  • early flowering and early maturing
  • moderate resistance to anthracnose adn phomopsis stem
  • excellent aphid resistance
  • good tolerance to metribuzin
  • targeted mainly at low to medium rainfall areas

Andromeda Lupins

  • albus variety
  • moderately susceptible to anthracnose
  • later maturity

luteus_flower_2.jpgPootalong Lupins - Yellow Flowering

  • luteus variety
  • well adapted to acidic soils, especially Al toxic soils
  • higher protein
  • resistant to brown spot
  • immune to CMV
  • highly efficient in extracting P from soil

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Almaz (Kabuli type)

  • improved ascochyta blight resistance -MR
  • improved yield compared to other large seeded kabuli varieties
  • suited to med-high rainfall (400-700mm)
  • maturity similar to Kaniva
  • minimize ascochyta risk by sowing later and apply fungicide at 4 weeks after sowing
  • ensure good weed and insect control
  • EPR $7.15/T

Genesis 836 Chickpeas

  • high yielding desi variety suited to WA
  • combines moderate ascochyta resistance with high yields
  • medium flowering time and good plant height for easy harvest
  • erect plant growth habit reduced BGM
  • suitable for shielded spray/tram lining
  • seed is tan/orange in colour and well accepted in markets

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  • Highest yielding small red lentil, 5-12% above Herald and Nipper
  • improved herbicide tolerance to imazethapyr, flumetsulam, sulfonylurea and imidazolinone (when used at label rates)
  • mid maturity and increased plant height
  • resistant to ascochyta blight and botrytis grey mould

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