A new dimension to health eating

Lupenta grits is a new product from an old plant.  WA is the world's largest grower of lupins, growing more than all the other lupin growing countries combined.  This legume plant has numerous health benefits for humans, inparticular combating issues related to diabetes and obesity.  The kernel is a good source of protein and fibre with little fat and low in carbohydrates.  The lupenta 'grit' particle size presents an important break thru for increased application for current recipes particularly those of ethnic origin where legumes are already widley consumed.  Coorow Seeds together with Annalakshmi Resaurant recently demonstrated Lupenta Adai, incorporting lupenta grits into a traditional flatbread to accompany a meal or as a snack.

There will be more information to come.

Lupenta grits will be available from All About Bread outlets, please see their website for a location nearest to you.

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