Lupin Products

Coorow Seeds processes lupins into high quality products.  The lupin seeds are sold from our plant to local growers and grown under our agronomists supervision.  All lupins used are lupinus angustifolius, Australian Sweet Lupin, Coromup variety.  This variety is valued for its high protein content.  The Coromup lupin kernel makes a top qualtity meal, flour and split. The seed is graded, cleaned, de-hulled, milled and packed into various bag sizes.  Coorow Seeds can offer you customized orders to suit your needs.  We can export this product in shipping containers, provide all export documentation and AQIS inspections.

seed split meal flour

Lupins for Feed

 Lupins are high in protein and supply important amino acids for feed diets.  Lupin seed, meal, and meal 17 are ideal supplements for stock feed. 


Lupins for Human Consumption

The Australian Sweet Lupin has some unique health benefits when used in food.  Research into the nutritional and processing properties of this high protein and high fibre legume suggests that it can be used as a substitute for soybeans in tempe, miso and tofu.  It also has an application for inclusion in bread, noodles, crisps, milk and protein concentrates.

Lupin products are new to the food ingredient industry in Australia but use and inclusion in products is most advanced in Europe.  Lupin products are valued for their GMO free status, functional food properties, nutritional and health benefits.  Lupin is a gluten free option and is a substitute and in some cases a superior product to soy.


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Product Lupin Kernel Meal Lupin Kernel Flour Lupin Kernel Split
particle size 65% btwn 0.05-1.5 mm31% btwn 1.5-2.5mm3% btwn 2.5-3.2mm 80% <150 microns20% 150-250 microns 100% >3mm
uses bread, cookies, tempe

bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, noodles, confectionary, milk, formula feeds, tofu, supplements

tempe, formula feed