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Lupin: A New Superfood a power point presentation

Lupins for Food and Health by Mark Sweetingham

Lupin: A Legume with a Future by Vijay Jayasena and Ken Quail


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21 Jun 2011

Lupin intake reduces heart disease risk, research suggests

Intake of flour containing 40 per cent lupin flour in place of conventional wholemeal flour could significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, according to research from Australia's Victoria University.  Lupins are legumes often grown ornamentally in gardens for their flowers, but their beans have been eaten since Roman times. Read more.

7 Jun 2010

Tempe market a boost for WA lupin industry

The use of lupins to produce the food product 'tempe' in Indonesia is expected to signifcantly boost the Western Australian lupin industry through increased demand and higher prices to growers.  Read more..

 26 Feb 2009

Lupin enriched bakery may slash blood pressure, boost heart health

Bread enriched with lupin kernel flour at the expense of wheat flour may reduce blood pressure and boost heart health, says new research from Australia.   Read more..

Nov - Dec 2008 Ground Cover Issue 77

Super lupin to fight on opposing health fronts

The humble lupin has many things going for it in the race to develop new foods - it has high protein content (27 to 40 per cent), ideal for reducing malnutrition, and high dietary fibre and low glycemic index (GI), giving it value for fighting obesity in developed nations.  Read more.

Could lupins be the new global 'super food'?

Lupins may finally be moving our from the shadow of more mainstream and profitable, cereal crops as food technologists start serving up the first commercial lupin based foods.  Read more..

 Nov 2008

Healthy Junk Food?

There's a lot to be said about junk food - and none of it's good.  Read more..


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Lupin enriched bread increases satiety and reduces energy intake acutely

Effects of lupin kernel flour-enriched bread on blood pressure: a controlled intervention study


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